Mine Is 4.6 Is This High


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Mine Is 4.6 Is This High

Had a blood test and my cholesterol result from the doctor is 4.6. I do not know if this is high. Can anyone help?


That is a good result. For future reference, here's a good guide for how to understand your cholesterol numbers.

What is cholesterol? A patient guide

Cholesterol is a total number given that can be broken down into LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. All of these forms of cholesterol have different uses in the body, so while it's possible for people to have great cholesterol numbers, they may still benefit from attempts to (for example) raise HDL, or lower triglycerides. The best way to know is to check your lab results to get the individual numbers. These articles may help explain this in greater detail. Since you have a family history you're right to be careful about your numbers.

Tips on How to Raise Your HDL

Triglycerides: Why They Matter and How to Lower Them

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