Is it OK to Mix Liquid Zantac with Juice to Mask the Taste?


Asked by Dukei7673

Can You Mix Liquid Zantac With Juice to Mask the Taste Without Effecting the Efficacy of the Drug?

My 5 year old can't stand the taste of the liquid. Will mixing it with fruit juice to mask the taste effect the efficacy of the drug?


Hello! I know many parents use the flavoring system available at the pharmacy. FlavorX is one brand that has a huge selection of flavors. I have not heard of any restrictions on foods/drinks that can be taken with Zantac but ask the pharmacist just in case. My only concern would be if your child figured out that the juice tasted like medicine and stopped drinking the juice! Zantac also comes in a melt in the mouth tablet that has a different flavor than the liquid.

Good luck!


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