Can You Mix Trazodone 100 With Oxycodone/apap 10-325 And 10mg Diazepam


Asked by lee

Can You Mix Trazodone 100 With Oxycodone/apap 10-325 And 10mg Diazepam

I am taking diazepam 10mg. nerves , and I for pain I take either Pericet 10mg or Loricet 10mg, and my DR. put me on Trazodone 100 for depression. Can these drugs be taken together? Trazodone @ night to help me sleep. Ocycodone/apap10-325 , 4times a day for pain.


When patients are on this amount of medication that combined can cause a variety or serious side effects, balancing doseages and making sure that you are in need of these medications (and not able to consolidate your choices) is the role that a pharmacologist and a doctor who specializes in pain medication might be able to help you with.

When my mother was suffering with metastatic cancer to the bone. we used a pain management specialist who helped to reduce her use of certain controlled/addictive medications that were actually not effective in controlling the type of pain she had and actually substituting far more forgiving drugs that allowed full clarity while controlling her pain quite well. I was actually quite impressed with how even high doses of over-the counter medications plus some stronger medications in low doses can be used to control depression/pain but offer far less problematic side effects.

So talk to your current doctor about these drug management possibilities and make sure that at least one doctor is aware of all the medications currently being dispensed to you.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.