Mobile App Shows Medical Marijuana Relieves a Variety of Symptoms


Researchers at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque conducted two studies using a mobile app to show that medical marijuana can provide relief from dozens of symptoms, including chronic pain and insomnia, with few side effects. The study results were published Frontiers in Pharmacology and Medicines.

The researchers used information collected by the Releaf App — a free patient education software application released in 2016 and designed to record how medical marijuana affects symptom severity. Releaf has the largest collection of user-generated information on cannabis use in the United States, encompassing about 100,000 medical marijuana sessions. Forms of marijuana in the first study varied from concentrates to topicals, and were used to by people with 27 health conditions with symptoms ranging from seizures to depression. In the second study, the researchers focused on cannabis flowers (buds) to treat insomnia.

According to the researchers, more than 94 percent of medical marijuana users studied reported symptom relief overall. While most side effects reported were positive — feeling relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable — negative effects like paranoia, confusion, and headache were also reported.

Sourced from: University of New Mexico