Mobile app jumpstarts weight loss

The secret to weight loss may start with downloading an app on your smartphone.  Researchers at Northwestern University found that a simple mobile app that tracks eating and physical activity helped participants lose about 15 pounds.  Even more important, most of the participants were able to maintain their weight loss for at least a year.  But it was not the app alone that did the trick.  The people in the study who were the most successful in their weight loss also attended classes about nutrition and exercise.

Those who used the app alone and did not attend classes only lost about 8 pounds.  The app, however, played an important role in guiding the participants’ nutrition and exercise decisions throughout their day based on the principles they learned in the classes. This is one of the first studies to demonstrate how useful a mobile app can be when used in tandem with a more traditional weight loss class.

Sourced from: ScienceDaily, Mobile app boosts weight loss by 15 pounds