I Have Moles Growing On My Vagina. What Are They?


Asked by msinneed

I Have Moles Growing On My Vagina. What Are They?

please help.


Hi msinneed,

Thanks for posting your question. I am not a doctor, so I cannot give you medical advice, but I do have herpes and think I can help.

There is no way I, or anyone else, can diagnose you online or over the phone. Especially with the little information you've given. You should go to the doctor and get checked out immediately. If you can't get an early enough appointment, or if you don't have health insurance, I suggest you check out your local Planned Parenthood chapter. They should be able to help.

You say you have moles growing on your vagina. You mean the dark spots people get anywhere on their skin? That could be anything from a new freckle to skin cancer. I have a feeling that might not be what you're describing. If it is a bump and it's getting bigger, it could be a herpes blister or simply a pimple. Again, the only way for you to find out is to have a doctor examine you.

I hope that helps. Please come back and let us know how it goes.


Answered by Penelope James