My Mom Has Adhd And Wont Seek Help


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My Mom Has Adhd And Wont Seek Help

My mother has had symptoms since i was a child, full blown outbursts, constantly shouting, digressing, frustrations over mundane tasks,inability to concentrate, wreckless driving- due to inability to sit still and keep focused, has never been able to read more than three sentences without distraction, she has unuasual bursts of anger but can be talked down instantly once things arequickly explained. My twin and i were both diagnosed bipolar disorder over a decade ago, shortly after he took his life. my mom since then is in denial she has any mental illness one day then jumpsto advertising she has bipolar disorder, she feels she must have it if we do. i disagree, from my personal experiences and research and observation she is adhd. inability to sit still, it everyday is a rollercoaster with her and no matter how smooth i try to make things for her, theres always something "stopping her from her goals" she is convinced everything in life is too hard, rite down to the can opener. she has energy, but cannot follow through because she is already on something else. I am exhausted, i am 27 and i cant keep taking careof her. her driving is horrendous, she swerves, fidgets, adjusts her chair, changes temperature, music, checks glove box, side doors, windows mirrors, all while driving. shes had more accidents than i can count. either shes going to kill herself or someone else behindthe wheel. i cant do it with her anymore, shes causing me episodes. where can i get free info that can be mailedor something, she wont listen to me andif her doc suggests something, she switches primary again.

and no, she is not a drug user, she has been in recovery for alcoholism for years now. she cannot maintain a job, primary income is disability, she has notbeen formally diagnosed because she forgets dates, and we do not have any family, its only herself and i.


Hi there

First of all I am very sorry you are going through this. It seems that you are being the parent figure to your mom. Do you have any other supports or family members who can help with her?

I don't know your mom but there really isn't any way you can diagnose her. If she is on disability...she must have some diagnosis? Does she have a doctor or therapist? No matter what she has it sounds like things have reached a critical stage where you both need help so that she does not injure herself driving and help for you so that you are not having to worry and be her caretaker.

Can you call your local mental health hospital and ask for advice?

I am going to give you the number for organization which may be able to help you with information regardless of your mom's diagnosis. "The Information HelpLine is an information and referral service which can be reached by calling 1 (800) 950-NAMI (6264), Monday through Friday, 10 am- 6 pm."

Hope this helps. Please let us know what happens. Thank you for reaching out here.

Answered by Merely Me