My Mom Has Ra - Where Is The Best Treatment Center In The Us?


Asked by My Mom

My Mom Has Ra - Where Is The Best Treatment Center In The Us?

Mom has had RA for years, she was having Rimicaid infusions, however got histoplasmosis, almost dies, was in hospital for 3 weeks, now is on meds for histo. the rest of her life, due to this she can't take any of the really good drugs because they weaken her immune system, but she is on several drugs + prednisone & has woke up sick to her stomach for about 2 months, apprx. 5 weeks ago RA started in right hand, moved to shoulder, moved to hip, moved to back & now moved to left hand & still having problems with her hip. Rhematologist just told her to increase her prednisone which Mom didn't do due to the side effects & told her she could also take some tylenol. Please help me help her, she has no quality of life, always waking up sick to her stomach, always in some pain, now having severe pain & inflamation moving around. She has never been this bad, it seems to just keep getting worst. She has already had a mini-stroke & heart attack. I really need to find the best doctor that can do more than doctors she has seen in the past. Also has anyone heard of any natural remedies that would help?

Thanks so much!!


I am so sorry to hear about all the problems your mother has been having! I hope for relief for her soon. As far as some alternative medications or therapies here is a link that might help

And as far as finding someone who is willing to help her, have you tried contacting the arthritis foundation? They can offer the resources you need to find a rheumatologist who may specialize in helping someone in your mothers condition. I hope all goes well with her and pray that she finds relief soon. Good luck, and best wishes!