Can A 14 Month Old Baby Be Given Salbutamol Via Spacer.has A Very Bad Cold And A Lot Of Congestion


Asked by jojas

Can A 14 Month Old Baby Be Given Salbutamol Via Spacer.has A Very Bad Cold And A Lot Of Congestion

has a very bad cold a lot of congestion, as is struggling and wheezing...has a very strong family history of asthma. just wondering how many puffs and is it allowed can it be any harm, for a 14 month old. her siblings have it...just can't remember, at what age was first given to them.


Great question. I think I have an answer for you.

It sounds like you have plenty of experience with asthma, and your hands full with a sick 14 month old. Still, I'm sure most asthma experts would agree with me that you should never give any medicine to a baby with out first consulting your physician. If he (or she) has already prescribed it for the child, great. But if not, you had better call.

That said, according to the package insert for albuterol, "Safety and effectiveness in children below the age of 12 years have not been established."

Regardless of that little warning, Salbutamol (otherwise known as Albuterol) is prescribed often for children under 12 for use in the hospital and for home use. In fact, I have given this medicine to my own asthmatic child when she was less than a year. So, to answer your question, yes Salbutamol is safe for a 14 month old baby.

The dose is usually the same as it is for adults, which would be 0.5cc of the solution if you give a breathing treatment, and 2 puffs for the inhaler. You can read about the medicine at

Side effects are rare, however from my own personal experience giving this medicine to children I notice they have a tendency to become hyperactive following it. I usually joke that if the child is running around the room shortly after being given this medicine you know it worked.

The ideal way to give the medicine to get the optimal dose to your child (according to studies) is with the inhaler using an aerochamber with mask. You can read about this device and how to use it over at

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Answered by John Bottrell