My 2 Month Old Has Infant Acid Reflux Is Zantac Bad For Her?


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My 2 Month Old Has Infant Acid Reflux Is Zantac Bad For Her?

I have a fussy baby who is two months and one week old, and she just got put on Zantac medication. I was wondering if it is ok to give it to her because of all the side effects that can happen. She won't be able to let me know how she feels! Do pediatricians usually give medication without tests?


Hello! It is worrisome that such a tiny baby needs medication. Zantac has been tested and approved by the FDA for babies ages one month and older. Certainly it is possible to have side effects with any medication. If she seems to have new symptoms after taking the Zantac, report it to the doctor. Babies communicate by crying and fussing--something she is already doing. If the crying and fussing become worse or she becomes too sleepy or jittery--the doctor needs to know.

It is common to try a few days or a few weeks of medication for reflux rather than doing a test. Your baby will be happy to avoid a test, and it is often a easy and reliable way of diagnosing reflux.

Let me know if you have tried the medication. Also keep in mind that it can take a few weeks and visits to the doctor to diagnose and treat reflux. Do not hesitate to call the doctor or schedule a "sick visit" to go over the treatment, weigh her and make sure things are on track.

Also keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Dealing with a fussy baby is a lot of work!

Jan Gambino

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