My 3 Month Old Was Prescribed Protonix For Reflux. Is It The Safest Med For Infants?


Asked by madmax333

My 3 Month Old Was Prescribed Protonix For Reflux. Is It The Safest Med For Infants?

Im afraid to give it to him based on the scary reactions ive read, and that it wasnt recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women. It just sounds crazy to me. The dosing is 15 mg but only giving half the mixed dose, I guess its more like 7. But there has to be a safer way. My son is spitting up alot more lately but it doesnt look like he is in alot of pain. But at night he cries more, and he wants to nurse after he spits up alot I guess to wash the acid back down. How can I find out whats safe for my baby? I just dont want to give him a dangerous medicine if he isnt a bad case.




You are asking a very important question. New research is showing that home care and treatment (positioning, diet, thickening formula/breastmilk) have a high rate of effectiveness in treating GERD in infants. Some doctors start with home care treatments to see if the symptoms decrease and the baby becomes more comfortable. It is a more conservative "wait and see" approach.

On the other hand, if the doctor is worried that the symptoms are causing complications such as respiratory problems, apnea or weight loss, a more aggressive approach might be started first. This may include a strong medication such as a PPI. Some doctors start with an acid reducer such as Zantac or Pepcid and then move up to the stronger PPI medication next.

I know some parents want to start with the strongest medication and others are comfortable with the wait and see approach. Likewise, some doctors have a particular treatment approach that they use. It might make sense to revisit the treatment plan with the doctor. You might want to call or even go in for a visit to discuss the reflux treatment. Then you can ask the doctor if you should modify your diet or feeding schedule or elevate the sleep surface using a wedge or special sling for reflux.

A lactation specialist with experience with reflux (or another Reflux Mom) may be able to help you with positioning, latching on and other issues that may increase comfort for your baby during nursing.

There is a lot of info on this site about positioning and feeding. I would be happy to guide you to the information as you search for answers.

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Jan Gambino

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Answered by Jan Gambino