Why Does my 21-month-old Vomit After Running?


Asked by my 3 boys

21 Month Old Son Vomiting After Running, Or For No Reason At All?, No Weight Loss.


Hello Mom to three boys,

Three boys! Wow! I am sure you are a busy mom!

So your 21 month old vomits when he runs and moves around but he is gaining weight.

Have you asked the doctor about this? What does he/she say?

I guess there are a few things to consider-

Spit up vs vomiting: spit up is a small amount of food/stomach contents that comes up. It can be a wet burp that brings up some liquid or a small amount of undigested food.

Vomiting is forceful and brings up most everything or everything in the stomach.

Both spit up and vomiting can occur here and there due to a virus, digestive upset, eating too much, eating too fast, eating a food that caused an upset stomach, etc. If the spit up or vomiting occur a few times per week or daily, it is a different story.

Spit up is less worrisome but vomiting is not considered "normal" and needs to be explored by the doctor regardless of whether or not it is causing weight loss.

At least that is what a GI doctor I know told me and it is in my book too.

I hope that gives you a bit of information to get you started on your search for answers. If you get a moment, write back with a bit more information.

Take care, Jan

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