More Migraine Education - 2015 Scottsdale Symposium

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The American Headache Society's annual Scottsdale Symposium was again a truly wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about migraine and other headache disorders. The Scottsdale Symposium is one of two annual opportunities during which I'm able to sit side-by-side with migraine and headache specialists for continuing education in "headache medicine."

This year's symposium broke all previous attendance records with more than 800 health care professionals in attendance. Over the coming weeks, I'll be writing several new articles based on what I learned at the symposium. Some of the most interesting and educational sessions were:

  • Monoclonal Antibodies and Migraine
  • Diagnosis and Recognition of the Chronic Daily Headaches: Chronic Migraine, Medication Overuse Headache, and Others
  • Overview of Post-Traumatic Headache (PTH): Pathophysiology, Clinical Characteristics, and Cases: How Do You Recognize PTH?
  • Hormones and Headaches
  • Pregnancy, Lactation, and Headaches
  • Clinical Roundtable Cases with Speakers

The list above just scratches the surface of the great topics about which I was able to learn so much more at the symposium. The event also allowed me time to network with migraine specialists and presenters and have some truly enlightening discussions. For those of you who love learning more about migraine and other headache disorders, the symposium taught me much that I'm eager to share with you. Stay tuned!

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