More Intelligent Men More Likely to Perform Well Physically in Midlife

New research by a team from the University of Copenhagen found a correlation between a man's intelligence and his physical performance in middle age. More intelligent men, their findings suggested, are more likely to be successful at physical tasks when they're between the ages of 48 and 56 years.

To conduct their study, the team looked at a group of 2,848 Danish men born in 1953 or 1959 to 1961. They found that every 10-point increase in intelligence score in early adulthood was linked to a 0.5 kg increase in back strength, a 1 cm increase in jumping height, a 0.7 kg increase in hand-grip strength, 1.1 more chair rises in 30 seconds and 3.7 percent improved balance in middle age.

One explanation could be that more intelligent people find it easier to understand health information and so they’re able to stay in better shape. Regardless, the team notes that these findings may help in initiating programs to get people to stay physically active throughout their lifetime.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Intelligence linked to physical performance in middle age, study shows