More women with advanced degrees having babies

Fewer American women in their 40s are going childless, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center and the Census Bureau. The sharpest drop was seen in women who had doctorates or master’s degrees. Compared to data received in 1994, when 30 percent of women with a master’s degree or higher reported being childless, the number dropped to 22 percent last year.

Researchers say this decline in childlessness later in life may be due to a “different group” of academic women in which more women are going for PhDs but are “less single mindedly focused on their careers.” One researcher noted that not all with a doctorate go off to become research professors, which was typically the case in the past. They also noted that the greater number of women in managment has help changed thinking about work-life balance. 

However, due to the time spent on education and building a career, women who are having babies seem to be having fewer of them. Researchers say while 23 percent of women with an advanced degree have a child, only 8 percent have four or more. Almost the reverse was seen in women who didn’t complete high school, where 13 percent have only one child, and 23 percent have four or more.Overall, 15 percent of all women ages 40 to 44 are now childless, the lowet percentage in a decade.

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Sourced from: New York Times, More Women Find Room for Babies and Advanced Degrees