Mosquito Bite Bump On Breast


Asked by leilya_thao0220

Mosquito Bite Bump On Breast

I've been having this really itchy nipple for a day now. I believe it started from a mosquito looking bump on my breast. I think it might be IBC. I'm really scare. Should I see the doctor about this?



Mosquito bites are common; inflammatory breast cancer is rare. Most of the time, if it looks like a mosquito bite, it is a mosquito bite. You should go to the doctor if it doesn't heal in a week or so like a mosquito bite would or if you develop fever and or swelling beyond the bite area, which might be signs of infection. You can read more about distinguishing bites and rashes from IBC at this link. It's wonderful that you are informing yourself about breast cancer, but at this point, it is too early to be scared. The drug store will have some over the counter preparations for mosquito bites that may help with the itching.

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