My Mother Has Dementia With Psychotic Do I Get Poa?


Asked by luckepene

My Mother Has Dementia With Psychotic Do I Get Poa?

My mother has late stage dementia with psychotic episodes. I have been told I need to get POA. I don't know where to begin. She has signed and given me the right to sign her checks and beneficiary of her bank account. That will able me pay her bills so as she lives alone in her home and has heating and electrical bills and other small bills.

I do know where to begin. Can anyone tell me where I need to start?


Hi luckepene

I wrote this sharepost last week about some of the legal issues and terms you will hear when you go for POA. I think it will help you when you meet with lawyers. It also gives some links at the end of the blog about the legal forms as well as advice from lawyers dealing with this subject.

Hope they help you. Good luck


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