My Mother Has Recently Started Having Seizures...


Asked by Berrygog

My Mother Has Recently Started Having Seizures...

My mother has very recently started having seizures - she talks of a 'flash' of light followed by a foul smell so strong she thinks its going to kill her. It makes her weak and light headed, she's 88 years old. She thinks her neighboour is throwing stink bombs over the fence? She refuses to believe there is a problem with her and also refuses to take any medication because she says 'there is nothing wrong with her'! My question is: The sezures have increased in the last two weeks - where might this be leading to, Stroke maybe?
I would very much appreciate any feedback. Thank you


One more thing to watch for is migraines. Not likely if she's never had them before, but the aura that can come before a migraine (and sometimes there's no pain following that), can be powerful. Sight, smell and sound can all be affected. The MRI sounds like a good idea.


Answered by Carol Bradley Bursack