Move Over BMI, There's a Better Way to Measure Body Fat


Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles have developed an easier, more accurate method of measuring body fat than the commonly-used body mass index (BMI), according to an article in Scientific Reports. The new method is called relative fat mass index, or RFMI.

BMI is considered by some medical experts to be inaccurate because it doesn’t take into consideration gender (women typically have more body fat than men), muscle mass, or bone mass. The relative fat mass index formula uses just two measurements — height and waist circumference — to measure body fat more accurately.

Here’s how RFMI works:

To determine relative fat mass, measure your height and waist circumference (at the top of the hip bone) in inches and use the following formula:

  • Men: 64 minus (20 x height ÷ waist circumference) = RFM
  • Women: 76 minus (20 x height ÷ waist circumference) = RFM

Stay tuned: More research is needed to determine normal/abnormal RFM ranges.

Sourced from: Scientific Reports