Moving A Alzheimer's Patient


Asked by kat76

Moving A Alzheimer's Patient

my dad wants to move my mom to a new house in pa where there is more land and a safer neighborhood but the closest family is at least 30-45 mins away. An about 12 miles to the closest hospital. I would move with them but i have to work I couldn't stay home. Mom has visited the house and has said she doesn't like it and wants to go home. My siblings don't want him to move up there either. so what do i do he seems unflinching on moving?


Hi, Kat 76,

I agree with the answer (above). As the Alzheimer's progresses, stability and structure are critical for the loved one. Any type of move may cause a decrease in mental capacity. I saw this when the nursing home moved Mom to another room. She was exceptionally confused and her mental state dropped for about a week. Some residents with Alzheimer's who were moved never recovered their mental capacity.

Depending on what stage of dementia your mom is in currently, your help on a daily basis may not be that necessary. However, as the dementia progresses, your dad is really going to need the extra help that you and your siblings can provide.

You may want to work with him on exploring options so that he can remain at the house. Or, as Nina suggested, you may want to explore other living options that will keep them near to you and your siblings.

Take care and keep us posted!


Answered by Dorian Martin