Mr. Migraine

Monique Cayer

Today an old rival imprisoned me (Although I never really ever truly get free) He's like an arranged marriage, with me for life, Except I had no choice in becoming his wife! Sometimes his attacks are gratefully short! (I had sensed his arrival and was able to abort) But usually he won't relinquish the weapon he grips And those are the days I feel my sanity slips! For he commands a double-edged sword of pain, One side shreds my emotions, the other my brain! I've tried many ways to rid myself of him Yet, like an unending nightmare, he slips right back in! There are people I know who just do not see How his painfully sharp saber is torturing me! Instead all they TAUNT is "She's fake, that Cream Puff!" "Come on," they all chide "Buck up and get tough!" But there are Angels among them whose soft glow filters thru, And sooth me with support, and for that I thank you! They know I cannot escape him, he holds me in steel And without their protection, I'd have no time to heal In between each attack of his merciless blade; That double-edged sword that I've so come to hate! He has many faces and 'weds' others I've known, Yet he has no address; you can't reach him by phone. You see this old rival who wields the sharp blade of pain Can be introduced to you all as...

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