Can An Mri Cause A Migraine?


Asked by Dorothy Chamberlin

Can An Mri Cause A Migraine?

I just had an MRI for my back - first a Thoracic one for about 40 minutes and then a Lumbar one for about 20 minutes. As soon as I got home, I started to see that aura thing on the left side and had a few blind spots for awhile and now even though I don't have the severe pain I used to get years ago from migraines, it feels like a mild migraine. Is there a connection with the MRI. They had a problem with the machine and had fixed it before my MRI. I'm taking a homeopathic for the headache but was just wondering if the MRI caused it. I haven't had one for years - sugar and fasting caused the ones I used to get.


Hi Dorothy,

If you're asking if the magnetic field of the MRI could trigger a Migraine, the answer is no. However, The loud noise of the MRI within the confined space could have triggered one. Or, it may have been coincidental. Maybe you may have encountered some Migraine triggers today that are the culprit of your attack. If you are in pain from a back issue, those issues may trigger an attack. Other things that may trigger a Migraine attack include chocolate, dehydration, changes in sleeping patterns and certain lights. We have much more information on our Migraine trigger page you can see HERE.

Good luck


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