Mri Shows Disk Bulging, But Away From Spine, Inwards, But Still Have Extreme Pain!


Asked by hurting36

Mri Shows Disk Bulging, But Away From Spine, Inwards, But Still Have Extreme Pain!

I actually have a few bad disks, but at the L5-S1 level it is very bad. MRI states there are some degenerative endplate changes as well as degenerative desiccation of disk material at the L5-S1 level. At the L5-S1 level, there is some generalized disk bulging with moderate appearing bilateral foraminal narrowing. There is no sign of spinal stenosis, and no disk protrusion is seen.

I know I should be asking another Dr, to look at this, but even with being seen at a Pain Management clinic for 6 mos. now, and on a cocktail of high dose narcotics, still turned down for Medicaid Disability. (Have a hearing coming up, fingers crossed). My PM DR. says it looks like there is not much left of the disk, and that it seems to be bulging away from spine, so my question is, can this still be causing the severe pain. Its in my lower back and legs, have had some bladder and bowel problems as well.

Could it be coming from another disk or are there nerves extruding from the not so usual places? And secondly, what do you have to do to get health coverage, I can barely walk, and with the MRI report, support from my Dr. do you think my hearing will go OK.

I dont know how much more I can take, I'm running out of money, because all I can see is my Pain Dr., so I can at least go to the bathroom by myself.

Any opinions or prayers would be greatly appreciated, thanks for listening to such a long rant! God Bless!


I'm not a spine expert, but from the MRI results you describe, it certainly sounds like that could be causing your pain. The Spine-Health site has some good information on all kinds of spine-related problems. Here's a link to an article that may help explain some of your pain (see the last half of the article):

While you're on that site, try entering other words from your diagnosis or symptoms in the search box at the top of the page to get additional information. (I found the above article by entering "degenerative endplate" in the search box.)

On your question about Medicaid Disability -; I believe Medicaid Disability guidelines may vary somewhat from state to state, but generally you have to meet the same criteria as for Social Security Disability. The main thing when it comes to qualifying for disability is being able to prove that you cannot do any kind of work on a regular basis (i.e., keep a normal work schedule). They may suggest other types of work they think you can do and you have to be able to show why you cannot do them.

I'll keep you in my prayers. Let us know how your hearing goes.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards