MS Awareness Month: Talking to Your Doctor and How to Prepare for Appointments

Patient Expert

Going to the doctor takes time, however you do not have much time actually with the doctor.   In order to maximize your 10 minutes, prepare in advance for your visit .

In this video, I talk about the sheet I create before each doctor's visit, using a program such as Word (PC) or Pages (Mac) to create a file and save it for future reference.   I will print a copy of my sheet to take with me and for my doctor to keep in my folder.

It helps to streamline the time we have and helps me to think of all my concerns and questions in advance.   Also, I will not forget my questions because I've already written them down.

Here are the pieces of information I include:

  • My name, date of appointment, my doctor's name
  • Current medication s (and supplements) including dosage and frequency
  • Reason for that day's visit including current concerns
  • Anything which is new or has happened since last visit
  • Any symptoms or concerns which continue since last visit
  • Up to three questions for the doctor or my MS nurse

What do you do to prepare for YOUR doctor's visits?