Can Ms Cause Autism Like Symptoms?


Asked by Amos

Can Ms Cause Autism Like Symptoms?

I'm glad to have come across this article (Cognitive Problems in Multiple Sclerosis Part II). It mentions what appears to be secret amongst the MS community. Maybe people just dont want to face it in public! For me its a different storey. For a whle now I have had increased self awareness but also seemingly descreased awareness of of whats going on around me or just reducing external objects to - just "things". My ex thought I displayed symptoms of Aspergers/mild autism before diagnosis. Fluidity of daily life was reduced to just core, focussed framework of tasks. When facing divorce, in tehe face of great uncertainty and distress, I could only concentrate on keeping the core framework of tasks a priority. Communicating my ideas of reaction were not there. My strategy of thinking was for the very long term stability rather than short term day-to-day survival. it almost seems as though I wanted fight not fly! It might seem normal reading this but I do seem to be missing something that I cant define and do seem to be observing myself very in depth! I would like to see more people present their thinking problems more openly so that poeple in the wider community can understand. I am a changed person in some ways but the essence of myself still remains intact. I hope this text spawns some more public debate regarding the "hidden" symptoms. I would be interested wether views of readers think I'm describing a pyscological problem or the effects of physical damageof the bain. Can MS cause Asperger/autism like symptoms?


Hi Amos,

You may want to write a note to one of our experts here at MS Central. She has a tremendous depth of experience with the Autism Spectrum. She does by the name "Merely Me" is click here for her profile. She may have some insight into this topic that the rest of us do not.

Answered by Lisa Emrich