Can Ms Cause Night Sweats?


Asked by Fran Samuelson

Can Ms Cause Night Sweats?

I am being worked up for MS. For months, I have been having soaking night sweats causing me to not only to change my night clothes, but to get washed up because I smell so badly. No one seems to know what's causing this system, at least so far, espec since I have other autoimmune diseases and endocrine defiencies


Hi Fran,

Off the top of my head I have to say I am unsure about MS and its relation to night sweats. I know that I have had night sweats (and day sweats!) on and off from perimenopause. I also know that when I've taken Solumedrol for MS exacerbations I had terrible night sweats.

Since you say you are being "worked up" for MS, I assume you're in the beginning stages of having your GP or neurologist determine a diagnosis of your symptoms. You should ask your doctor about your night sweats along with other symptoms you are experiencing. Make a list and bring it with you. You want to be your own best advocate!

I hope my answer helps you a little. Please let us know how you are doing and if you have any further questions! Good luck to you.



Answered by Cathy