Can Ms, Graves, Osteoarthritis And Pernicious Anemia Be Related Illnesses?


Asked by Chickpea

Can Ms, Graves, Osteoarthritis And Pernicious Anemia Be Related Illnesses?

I am a 43 yr old woman who was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in Aug of 2007. I've had 4 serious exacerbations since being diagnosed and have constant parathesis in my extremities, along with extreme fatigue. I use Copaxone for the MS and Provigil for my fatigue. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in May, 2009 and have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hands, hip, back and feet this month. I've always had back pain but the pain in my hip started in November of 2008 and the hand pain just started in June and has gotten to the point where it's difficult to use my hands. I am in constant pain and the pain just keeps getting worse. Blood tests for RA and Lupus came back negative, although one of the tests in the lupus panel, Gastric parietal Cell AB, came back very high - 161.9 Units. Anything over 25 is a positive indicator for pernicious anemia. Can these diseases/illnesses be related? Is there a common factor or, could they be indicative of a more serious condition? I would appreciate if anyone has any insight into this. Thank you.


Oh Chickpea, I'm sorry your question has been so long unanswered. Let me give it a try. The fast answer is yes, these conditions can be related. MS and osteoarthritis often coincide. That one I know because I have severe osteoporosis and therefore pay attention to that one. The more your mobility is impaired the worse the osteoporosis, or in your case osteoarthritis, symptoms become. There is a significant co-occurrence with Graves' disease and MS. Even a pernicious anemia is a frequent MS partner. It is difficult enough to live with MS, and another disorder only entity that difficulty. As you convey in your question, when multiple conditions coincide things are more than difficult. Life can be confusing, especially when two of the conditions are similar to each other, or in your case -- all of them. There may be a time when more than one disorder follows the same treatment, so there can be overlaps. We must ensure that medication taken for MS does not conflict with medication taken for the other disorder or disorders.

I assume you take B12 for the anemia, and net has positive effects on MS, too. I have taken several different medications for osteoporosis with no conflict. I have not read anything pro or con concerning beta blockers or radioactive iodine which I know are commonly prescribed for Graves' disease. However, all of this seems like a big order. Whatever medication you are taking, please ensure with your doctor if there are no conflicts that may cause further problems. I know your question was only about whether these conditions could coincide, but the answer brought to my mind the many treatments that have to coincide as well. I wish there was something I could do to make your plight easier. You have quite a burden, and I hope you have a solid and strong support system to help you through it. ThePlease let us know how you are doing. Thank you. Good luck. I will be thinking about you.

Answered by Vicki