Asked by francis56

Ms Hug

I seen a doc on tv the other day who said the 2nd leading cause of death in ms patients is suffocation from ms hug. True?



I didn't watch the Oprah show with Montel and Dr. Oz, but many of my MS blogging friends did. The one thing which has been talked about the most so far is that statement given about suffocation. The general concensus is that NOBODY had ever heard that statistic.

The MS Hug results from spasticity and tightness in the muscles around the torso, most commonly around the rib cage. Folks who experience this sometimes describe it as being a girdle which causes great pain, or it feels like having asthma where you can't get a good breath, or just like your back, abdomen, and chest are trying to squeeze too hard.

It does not cause suffocation. However, if you have lesions in the portion of the brain which controls respiration (breathing) and/or heart function then you have a problem. I do not believe that the same lesions which contribute to the MS Hug are the same as the ones which could affect breathing.

It was a serious dis-service of Dr. Oz/Montel to give that statistic without explaining what they really meant. Now all of our loved ones are going to worry that we will suffocate!! I would have to do some serious searching to find where they got that information, which just seems like terrible mis-information to me.

Answered by Lisa Emrich