Do Ms Type Lesions Come And Go From The Mri Scans?


Asked by Summer

Do Ms Type Lesions Come And Go From The Mri Scans?


I had my first MRI done in 2006 because of numbness in my left little finger. It showed a number of Lesions which were indicating a MS type process. I have had no other symptoms since then,- They gave me an MRI in Nov2009- which was clear- even the brain lesions shown in 2006 were gone- the doctor said that it did not look like MS anymore. But then I got this really bad flu and numb feet- they gave me another MRI today 5 weeks later and it showed a new lesion in my back - just one small one between t6 and t7. No other tests have been done at this stage.

Now the DR. is saying thahe is possitive that I have MS.

Can anyone help me?-Do MS lesions do this -do they come and go?

I have been told to now have blood tests, LP, EVPS etc...



Hi Summer,

Yes, the type of lesions seen in MS can come and go. The body is constantly trying to heal itself which is why you did not see the old brain lesions in November.

But with the new lesion seen in your spine more recently, that provides evidence of more demyelination occuring at a different time and in a different location than the first evidence in 2006. This explains why your doctor is possitive that you have MS. Now a few more tests need to be done to make sure that it can't be anything else and to gather enough evidence to make it official.

Although you may end up with an MS diagnosis, please know that this disease is manageable and we are here to help guide and support you.

Answered by Lisa Emrich