Can Multiple Sclerosis Cause An Increase In A Womens Sexual Demands?


Asked by ggpelow

Can Multiple Sclerosis Cause An Increase In A Womens Sexual Demands?

My girlfriend has multiple sclerosis, I have read plenty of information about why a man or women might have a decrease in sexual desire or activity because of MS or avoid sex, especially because of the physical pain or emotions that can come with MS, however my girlfriend has an upward spiraling demand for sex from me and an upward sprialing sex drive thar was not there when I originally starting seeing her one year ago, regardless of how much physical pain or discomfort she is in she is now demanding sex much more often and my own sex drive or abilities or desire for her has not gone up or down, she is still very desirable on every level but i cant keep up, is this being caused by her MS?



I had not heard anybody report an obvious increase in sexual needs due to MS, but I can imagine a few reasons why it might not seem unusual. If it becomes more difficult to achieve orgasm, that would explain an increased need for sexual stimulation. If there is numbness, then an increase in stimulation may be necessary as well. Since lesions in the MS can affect all sorts of crazy things in the body, it seems possibly that an increase in sex drive could be caused by changes in the brain.

The most important thing to consider in any relationship (involving MS or not) is to keep the lines of communication open. Talk to your girlfriend about your concerns. Let her know that you find her extraordinarily desirable but that you are experiencing a bit of sexual fatigue trying to keep up. You have probably read this already, but honestly sexual toys can be very useful in helping to balance out a couple's needs.

But definitely talk about it. I wish you the best in your relationship. It is absolutely fantastic that you have reached out in looking for information. You are a special boyfriend; she is lucky.

Answered by Lisa Emrich