How Can I Get Rid of the Muscle Tension in my left arm?


Asked by trojank

I Have Muscle Tension In My Left Arm No Chest Pain What Can I Take To Get Rind Of It?

I have had an EKG and it is normal. everything is normal with me my lab everything!!! I still have anxiety but I take medication for that. I just can seem to get rid of this muscle tension. can I take something for it? Or am I just going to have to live with it?



As you have ruled out heart problems my suggestion is to first to look at whether any of your daily activities puts a strain on your arm (driving position, typing, writing, lifting). If you can't see anything obvious I would be tempted to turn to biofeedback. You can buy some systems to rig up to your own pc, but you would need a system that could monitor your muscle tension. It might be simpler to look up a therapist that uses biofeedback and pay them a visit. Essentially, the role of biofeedback is for you to see a visual representation of your muscle tension and then you learn how to control this.

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