Music Reduces Pain, Anxiety After Surgery

People who listen to music before, during and after surgery may experience less pain and anxiety, according to new research published in _The Lancet. _

Researchers at Brunel University in the UK analyzed 72 randomized trials involving 7,000 patients who underwent surgery. The trials evaluated the effects of music played before, during or after surgery on patients’ recoveries.

They also looked at how music affected postoperative pain, anxiety of patients, their need for pain medication and the length of their hospital stay.

Their findings suggested that compared with patients who did not listen to music, those who did experienced significantly less pain and needed less pain medication.   Listening to music also increased patients’ overall satisfaction following surgery. These findings were true for all patients whether the music was played before, during or after surgery, although results were better when the patient was conscious.

Patients who chose their own music experienced a slightly greater reduction in pain.

The findings highlight the importance of incorporating music into therapeutic treatment for hospital patients. Further research will investigate the pros and cons of music for mothers undergoing Cesarean section.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today , Music may help patients recover from surgery