Mutilevel Facet Arthropathy And Degenrative Disc Desease On L5


Asked by K. Livingston

Mutilevel Facet Arthropathy And Degenrative Disc Desease On L5

I have had severe back pain in my low back leading down into my left leg. I went for Lumbar Spine MRI and the findings were that I had MFA and degenerative disc disease on L5. I have a Facet Joint injections set for a few weeks from now and was wondering it that would help with my pain. No bulging or herniated disc were found.


Just because the MRI shows facet arthropathy does not neccessarily mean that the pain is coming from the facet joints. A proper physical examination and history must be used to help correlate the imaging findings to what you are feeling.

Assuming your doctor has made the determination that the facet joints are in fact the source of the pain based on looking at the entire picture, I would give the facet blocks a 50/50 chance at working. If the blocks do help and you proceed to a Radio Frequency Ablation, then the relief could last up to one year.

These temporary results can be frustrating which is why your health and fitness level should also be the focus of treatment. Improved health can last much longer than any thing doctors have to offfer.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD