My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.1 A Body Like Anna Nicole

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Absolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty hapter** I Dream to Have a Body Like Anna Nicole**


My RNY gastric bypass in 2003 was a life-saver for me, both physically and mentally. But the 100 lbs that I quickly lost left the trunk of my body with sagging skin and redundant fat. There is only so much that can be achieved through exercise, and significantly tightening loose skin can only be achieved through plastic surgery. Over time, it seemed that my sagging skin got worse, even though my weight remained relatively stable.

I had been considering plastic surgery for a long time, since 2006 in fact. I finally had abdominoplasty - commonly known as a tummy tuck - and liposuction on April 18, 2013. It was exactly one month past my 49th birthday. What follows is a very detailed account of my experience, with lots of helpful tips and information woven throughout. I'm telling all! This is the sort of need-to-know information that I wished I'd had before my surgery but could not find anywhere. I hope it helps you to decide if a tummy tuck is right for you. If you decide it is, then the article will help you to be better prepared for the procedure.

My Plastic Surgery Wish List

Back in 2006, I had dreamed of undergoing extensive reconstructive surgery following my massive weight loss. I envisioned a figure like Anna Nicole Smith and "googled" her measurements, thereby establishing 36DD-26-38 as my goal for the "new me. "

My wish list of plastic surgery procedures to achieve this fantastic body included: a lower body lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), breast augmentation and lift (mastopexy), and an inner thigh lift (thighplasty). Additionally, the surgeon would do a little liposuction around my waist to whittle it down. As part of the lower body lift, he would fix my mons pubis (in common jargon called a camel toe or FUPA - fat upper "pubic" area). The procedures would be done in two stages of surgery about 6-mos apart. The cost was approximately $32,000.

Included in this price, I was going to have a facelift to resolve my "marionette lines" and double chin. However, I decided that I would have the facelift performed by a plastic surgeon who specialized in facial plastic surgery. He was twice as much money for the facelift - $10,000 versus $5,000 - but this was my face! I did not want to any take chances that something would be disfigured on my face.

Making My Dream Come True

I opened a money market account and began saving money from each paycheck for my plastic surgery fund. When I had saved the $32,000.00 it was time to make the dream come true. However...

Having a dream is very different from actually making a change.   And I chickened out! For one thing, I was afraid to undergo all this extensive surgery. And for another thing, I was reluctant to spend $32,000.00 on myself. While it was only the cost of a new car, I had growing concerns that it was overly indulgent to spend so much money on what was largely my vanity.  In the meantime while I vacillated on my decision, I continued to save money into my plastic surgery fund with every paycheck.

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