My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.11 Day 7 and Everything is Plugged

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Absolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty  Read Chapter 1 hapter 1ummy Tuck Day 7 Post Op, Everything is Plugge. Am. Constipated.

If you get queasy over toileting talk then you may want to skip the next three paragraphs. But you may later regret not having read them if you get constipated after your abdominoplasty.

So, I have a problem with constipation. This is largely due to taking iron supplements after gastric bypass surgery. At times the pain has been intense. So intense in fact, that I once lunged back into the toilet tank and broke the main seal. Imagine toilet water filling the bathroom floor as you try to poop. What I am trying to make crystal clear to you is the absolute last thing I wanted to contend with after my abdominoplasty was constipation. So, I stopped taking my iron supplements. I drank lots of water. I took Colace twice a day. I took Metamucil once a day. Despite my good efforts, on day 7 I found myself constipated. This was the day that I had my first enema.

I admit to you that I was afraid of an enema. I'll hazard a guess that many of you reading this article are, too. As I viewed the package and the drawing of a person down on all fours, the instructions indicated to have someone insert the enema up "there" while you assume the downward dog position.


Now, I know that what goes in must come out. And there is no way that I will suffer the humiliation of assuming this position to receive an enema from my husband and the further humiliation of something shooting out at him. So, I dosed myself as I sat on the toilet. I was glad that I did because things began to move quickly. I refilled the syringe with warm water a few more times and flushed out my colon. Giving myself an enema was no big deal and it was soooo relieving. There was nothing to be afraid of.

My Drains are Plugged

Both of my bulb drains also plugged this day. My lower abdomen began to swell as fluid accumulated; unbeknownst to me it was a precursor to the massive swelling that lie ahead.  As I stripped the tubes a large clot emerged, about 10-12 inches long. My surgeon told me that this was not the type of blood clot to be concerned about. So while I was grossed out, I was happy not to be in any danger.

Although I stripped both drains, I could not unclog them. My drains were to be removed later this day during my follow-up appointment. Throughout the day very little fluid accumulated in the drain bulbs and my lower left abdomen was especially swelling.

I called the office and spoke with the patient coordinator. Both the surgeon and the P.A. were in surgery all day. There was nothing to do but wait. It was not an emergent situation. If it had been, the patient coordinator could have reached the surgeon or the P.A. in the operating room.

So I waited calmly for my exam later that day.

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