My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.12 Post Op Surgical Visit

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The morning of my post op visit, I received an email and voice mail from my surgeon's office to let me know surgeries were going to run late and they'd need to move my appointment to later in the day. When I had scheduled this appointment, they told me that this might happen. So I was pleased with their efforts to contact me early in the day to let me know of the change.

I drove myself the 85 miles to my surgeon's office for my post op visit. Driving meant that I had to go off my narcotics 24-hours ahead of time, which I did, and instead used Tylenol for pain. The day afterwards, I planned to drive nearly 700 miles to relocate to our new home. So driving to my post op surgical visit was a test to see how well I could manage driving. If you have any ideas about driving while taking the pain killers, squelch those ideas right now. Your reaction time will be dramatically slowed. I know this because I had been playing a computer game before and after surgery. My reaction time was slower and I made errors while playing the game on the pain killers.

When I arrived, the patient coordinator politely told me that the surgeon and the P.A. were on their way and asked if I could wait. She brought me a glass of water and told me that the P.A. had called again and said he was stuck in some traffic and was about 5-minutes away. All of this transpired in relatively little time and I was impressed at how considerate the practice was of my time. How many times I have waited 45-minutes or more in some doctor's waiting room with no consideration for my time?

My New Tummy

In the exam room with the P.A., I saw my new body for the very first time in a full length mirror. I really got the full impact and it was amazing! I was very excited, exclaiming how it was the first time in my life that I have looked normal. I was talking a mile a minute, completely comfortable standing there with my pants down in front of the P.A. and the surgeon who had entered the room to see his good work. I was not ashamed of my body anymore. The surgeon commented on what a transformation it was and how good I looked for one week out of surgery.

I was almost giddy with excitement as I got on the exam table. I still was elated and talked a blue streak to the surgeon, oblivious to the P.A. about to remove the drains from my pubic mound. I felt his hand on me and looked down to see a needle about to be injected into my mons. My stomach turned just a little and I looked away. Ouch! I felt a bee sting and then coldness as some of the anesthesia leaked out onto me. He removed the drain and it hurt just a little because of some inflammation I had going on. The injection near the next drain wasn't as unpleasant and removal was easy.

There was very little blood from the drain site and the P.A. placed some gauze on me for good measure. He told me that there may be some leakage and that I could place a sanitary napkin there to catch it. My wounds healed very quickly and I had no leakage whatsoever. I think that the vitamins and supplements I take, especially the amino acids, really made the difference.

I was on cloud 9 as I drove home, happy with my new body and looking forward to my relocation tomorrow. However, the next day would bring massive swelling that I had not expected.

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