My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.19 6-Weeks Post Op and I Love My Body

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Absolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty ** Read Chapter 1**** hapter 1-Weeks Tummy Tuck Post Op, I Love My New Body**

Six weeks post op is a milestone for abdominoplastly surgery. As such, I am supposed to see my surgeon for a checkup. But he is 700 miles away. So I emailed a few pix of my tummy to him along with an update on how I am doing. He reported back after reviewing my notes and photos that I am progressing normally. We did a follow-up call during which I had some additional questions answered and all was well.

I decided also to see a plastic surgeon locally for an in-person examination just for completeness, as I have been having pain in my abdominal muscles in the suture line above my naval for the last 2-3 weeks. It became very painful after I took my male Boxer dog for a walk. He is pretty good on his lead but apparently even the slight pulling was too much for me. I don't use a compression garment so I've been wrapping my hospital binder tightly around my upper abdomen to provide support and relieve the pain.

So I'll see a local plastic surgeon because I want someone who is able to physically touch where my muscles hurt and make sure I am A-OK. This is, in my opinion, second best to seeing in person the surgeon who performed my tummy tuck so that he can examine me. But I will see my surgeon back in NJ for my 3-month post op, another important milestone. Then, we will take the first set of "after" photographs. I am super excited for that!

Thinking back just 7-weeks ago when I met with my surgeon for my pre-op appointment, he showed me a "before" photo of my abdomen. Now, I was aware that I had rolls of fat and flab on my tummy and mons. But somehow seeing the sectional enlargement of my trunk on his computer screen was startling. I remarked, "That's what I look like?!?!" He nodded yes, to which I replied, "Ewwwwwwww!" I was so ashamed of my tummy and mons pubis while he examined me.

But at my one week post op visit, just 5-weeks ago, I was flying on cloud 9 when I saw myself for the first time in the full length mirror at his office. I was super excited to see my body looking normal. You can read all about it here.

Find out what the early results are of my tummy tuck. I promise you will be amazed!

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