My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.20 6-Weeks Post Op and 5" Gone from My Waist

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tummy tuck after bariatric surgery bsolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty!  ** Read Chapter 1** hapter 2y Results at 6-weeks Post Tummy Tuck: 5" Gone from My Waist

I am much improved in the three weeks since my last update, when I was just 3-weeks post op. Back then my swelling was such that I could not fit into my pre-op pants. As I mentioned before, my surgeon's protocol is to not use compression garments to reduce swelling. His position is that it can impede circulation and cause skin necrosis, and that the compression neither speeds nor improves the final results.

However, I began wearing shape wear to offer some support and compression because my swelling became painful in the third to fourth week post op. I was carrying the bulk of my swelling in the central part of my lower abdomen. I especially could feel the pain when I walked. The shape wear definitely helped to relieve the pain by supporting that load.

Also I had little energy back then. But at 6 weeks post tummy tuck, my energy has returned and my pre surgery pants are huge in the waist. I went shopping for new pants and I am a size smaller! Now I can at times feel my abdominal muscles get really tight and it excites me to think that soon I will have a totally flat tummy. I am super excited and thrilled!

My pie crust incision is totally flat and all of the scabs are gone. And I am able finally to sleep on my side. I've been sleeping on my back propped up on a wedge for 6-weeks and it has made for many sleepless nights - it is just not comfortable. I still cannot roll onto my stomach as it is too painful. But in time this will happen.

What is most exciting is that I've lost a total of 5" from my waist. Gone is the tire tube that was there under my breast bone when I sat down. I now have a two piece bathing suit and sexy little panties for the first time since I was a teen. And while I don't look like Anna Nicole, yet, I love my new body.

I like catching glimpses of myself in the mirror when I shower. I love that I look sexy in bikini panties. I hated my tummy and mons before. If I was not married to my husband who enjoyed my body as it was, but rather a single girl looking for a relationship, I do not think that I could get naked in front of a man with my body the way that it looked. I was ashamed every time the plastic surgeon and physician's assistant saw my body pre op... But I wasn't ashamed of my body when I went back for my 1-week post op. I think I could have ran around the office and showed the entire staff my new body. Yes, I was that happy and I am even happier today. I cannot wait to see the before and after photos side by side at my 3-mos post op visit.

Speaking of my husband enjoying my body" at 6-weeks post tummy tuck, you (finally) can resume sexual activity. Let me share a secret ladies, this is the ultimate "make-up sex" when you make-up for lost time with your partner and have this great new body to break-in. Every woman I have spoken to has told me that the mons pubic lift improved her sex life. Bonus!

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