My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.23 Revision to Abdominoplasty and Mons Lift

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Results at 3-months post tummy tuck surgery

Results at 3-months post tummy tuck surgery. The asymmetry of the left and right contours will be revised.** Absolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty!  ** Read Chapter 1** hapter 2evising (Perfecting) My Tummy Tuck and Pubic Lifesthetic Enhancement **

I have a critical eye for perfection, an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. As a creative professional, this has served me well throughout my career.

So when I state that I want revision work done to my surgery, it is not because I am displeased with the results of my abdominoplasty and monsplasty. On the contrary; I never knew my body could look this good. I've lost 18-lbs., and an amazing 18 inches in my abdomen and hips in just 3-months. I went from size 14 jeans that were tight on me pre-op to a perfect size 8 jean.  I daresay it is the body I always have wanted but never knew that I could have.

I could leave my body the way that it is and it would be perfectly fine. No one besides my plastic surgeon can see the imperfections that I am able to see. I assume that he has an even more critical eye for this than I do, given that he has done thousands upon thousands of body contouring procedures. He is an expert in aesthetics of the female anatomy.

Having gone through all the effort and expense of getting a tummy tuck and pubic lift, I simply want to perfect my results. I come from the digital health marketing world where we are forever "optimizing" everything. So it is natural for me to want to enhance my results from my cosmetic surgery.

Revision Surgery

My plastic surgeon is going to revise my mons lift to make me tighter. The mons is the mound of fatty tissue covering a woman's pubic area. Often after massive weight loss, the pubic area has excess sagging skin. You may have heard the slang term FUPA (fat upper pubic area); that's what I'm talking about.

My tummy tuck procedure / mons lift greatly corrected my FUPA problem but my surgeon did not "get it all." Plus I've lost weight, which contributed to the sagging. He is going to revise me during my inner thigh lift surgery to remove the excess skin and produce a flatter contour to my mons. This is an area of my body that never looked normal, even when I was thin, so I am self-conscious about it. It looks really good now, but I truly desire to have a tight little pubic area. So, as I've said, we're optimizing my external sex organ. And" just for the record" my internal sex organ needs no optimizing. Be honest - I know you are wondering about that.

Additionally, there is an asymmetry in my left and right waist/hip contours. You may be able to notice this in the photo above. I like the curve on the left-hand side of my body, which seems to have more soft tissue, which creates a more curvaceous figure. The asymmetry has to do with where the incisions end on each side of my body. So when I go in for my next surgery, we will extend the tummy tuck incision circumferentially, to go all the way around my torso. This will correct the left side of my body to match the right side.

Finally, there is an asymmetry in my incision and a small fat deposit in my lower left abdomen that will be corrected during my surgery.   Essentially, my plastic surgeon will cut the incision to remove the fat and close me back up, making the left-side of my incision symmetrical with the right.

I return to my plastic surgeon in mid-August to discuss completing my body contouring after massive weight loss. I am super excited. Wish me luck.

Read Part 24 to learn about my 6-mos post op results and what is planned for my next body contouring surgery.

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