My Bariatric Life "Tells All" About Her Tummy Tuck! Ch.3 Preparing for Abdominoplasty

by Cheryl Ann Borne Patient Advocate

Absolutely everything you want to know about abdominoplasty
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Preparing for a Tummy Tuck in One Week**

tummy tuck

I had met with my plastic surgeon on Wednesday, April 10th. In order to be cleared for surgery on Thursday, April 18th, I had to accomplish the following:

  • Pay for the surgery in full. I used my Visa credit card and will pay that off by the end of the month from my plastic surgery fund.

  • Be medically cleared for surgery by my primary care physician (PCP), plus get some lab work and an EKG. All of the results needed to be faxed to the surgeon's office by Monday, April 15th or I would be pulled off the surgery schedule.

  • Have the surgeon and the anesthesiologist clear me for surgery based on review of the report from my PCP, labs, and EKG.

Most fortunately, I was able to get a 9:30am appointment the very next day with my PCP. She was delighted for me and cleared me for surgery based on my excellent health. Her nurse drew blood for my labs -- the results of which would be ready the next morning.
I had an EKG on file from December 28th of the previous year, the results of which are valid for 4 months to clear a patient for surgery. This meant the EKG was valid as long as my surgery occurred by April 28th. My surgery date of April 18th would be just in time!

PCP's office got all of the necessary documentation to the surgeon's office the very next day, Friday, and the anesthesiologist and the surgeon cleared me for surgery!

Items to Buy

I had only a week to prepare for my surgery so there was a mad dash to purchase "supplies." I knew that I might have some mobility issues, so I purchased a "nabber" pickup tool to help me reach high or low objects. To keep the strain off my tummy, I purchased a foam wedge pillow and foam round cervical pillow and
foam lumbar cushion for my bed so I could lay in "beach chair" position, which is indicated after a tummy tuck. I also purchased baggy cargo pants with a full elastic waist for comfort with abdominal swelling after surgery. Little did I know that many women cannot fit into their pre-surgery pants for weeks to months post-tummy tuck. Yes, the swelling can be that bad (I'll share about that later) and it later turned out that I was grateful for pants. In fact, all of these items turned out to be vital to easing my pain!

I wanted to heal as quickly and effectively as possible. So I stocked up Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold French Vanilla and Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Mocha Cappuccino. Protein helps the healing process and I figured that I might not have much of an appetite while on pain killers to eat lots of meat. I turned out to be right on that prediction.

As well, I purchased the following supplements and vitamins*:

Ginger capsules to help combat dizziness and nausea

Glutamine powder, an amino acid that seems to help wounds heal faster

Vit. C tablets
and Zinc tablets that also can help you mend

Magnesium and Vit. D3 to promote muscle health

B12 sublingual and Iron to aid blood cell formation

and Biotin
to maintain cellular health

Nattokinase to support healthy circulation

Colace stool softener to combat the constipating effect of pain meds and anesthesia

Metamucil Clear and Natural also to help with bowel movements

This may sound like a lot of running around to get these items right before surgery, but it wasn't. I simply ordered everything on Amazon and it was shipped to me in two days. I also ordered a 7-day pill organizer and pre-loaded a week's worth of my vitamins, medications, and supplements. Trust me - you will not want to be sorting through pill bottles after your surgery!

*Note that I am not a healthcare professional and this is not medical or nutritional advice. Rather, I am sharing what supplements I used. I whole-heartily believe in integrative medicine and I regularly use a lot of supplements in addition to eating a super healthy diet. This has completely transformed my health after weight-loss surgery.

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