My Bariatric Life the tools I use: Food and Exercise Planner and Calculators

by Cheryl Ann Borne Patient Advocate

Wink My experience with my bariatric surgeon's support group is that it was useful in preparing me pre-surgery and for a short-term post-op in managing my new anatomy. However, it did little to educate me on how to maintain lifetime obesity disease management. My surgeon told me, "I do the surgery. The rest is up to you." So, in this series of posts, I will discuss the tools that I use to sustain long-term weight loss following bariatric surgery.

To achieve lifetime obesity disease management, I have committed to practice a program that is threefold in nature: Diet, exercise, and behavior change. is an easy-to-use FREE online resource that helps me in planning and meeting my comittments.

Here's how I work ivery morning I develop my food plan using FitDay's food log. It tracks my foods and calories, carbs, fat, protein, and nutrition. This ensures that I stick to the eating plan that my nutritionist has outlined for me. After I have planned my food, I then commit it to my Overeater's Annonymous (OA) sponsor by phone or email to ensure that I stick to my plan of eating for the day.

I also track my fitness goals on FitDay within the exercise log. It tracks my exercise and calorie expenditures and helps me to stick to the regimen that my nutritionist outlined for me.

Other things that I track on FitDay everyday are my moods and my weight. I also use the journal tool to write about my day to day experiences, which not only helps me stick to my program and goals but also to create my blog.

The reporting features allow me to track my progress over time. It's both fun and motivating to see positive changes in weight and mood and exercise plotted on a graph or chart. has many useful tools, including calculators, graphs, and journals such as:

  • food journal

  • calorie and nutrition information for all foods

  • analyze diet for calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein intake

  • nutritional analysis

  • exercise log and activity tracking

  • calories expenditures

  • metabolism analysis

  • caloric balance reports

  • weight tracking

  • ideal weight chart (height weight chart)

  • weight loss charts

  • personal weight goal

  • long-term diet and fitness analysis

  • and more...

More than 2 million people use, according to the software manufacturer. You can learn more and take a tour at

I've seen other sites pop-up around the Internet after Fitday became successful. Such sites incorporate food and fitness calculators among a bunch of other features and resources. At first glance these sounded good to me. But in reality, they were just overly complex and overwhelming no matter how many of them I tried. I like -- no make that LOVE -- Fitday because it is simple to use yet powerful. It does what I want it to do and nothing more. I swear by it.

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You can read about other tools I use, such as the Pouch Rules for Dummies and Overeaters Anonymous, and recipes I've created like OMG! Almond Joy Protein Bars, so as to maintain a lifetime of obesity disease management following my weight-loss surgery in 2003. My wish is to help you on your own journey of lifetime obesity disease management with shareposts along the way to help you navigate that journey successfully.

Cheryl Ann Borne
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Cheryl Ann Borne, writing as My Bariatric Life, is a contributing writer and Paleo recipe developer. Cheryl is an award-winning healthcare communications professional and obesity health advocate who has overcome super obesity and it’s related diseases. She publishes the website, and microblogs on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Cheryl is also writing her first book and working on a second website.