My Depression Connection Question of the Week!

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Hi everybody

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I am thinking of Rodney Dangerfield and his mantra of "I get no respect, no respect at all."   I think of the issues that comes up for people who have depression is the notion of respect within their relationships and connections with others.   There are many people who suffer from depression who may feel that they are disrespected by others.   The reason could vary from being shy, fearing confrontations, having been a victim of abuse, and so forth.

Some people might feel that because they are depressed...that others may treat them with more disrespect than not.

Respect is important in how you feel about yourself and how others treat you.   When people are disrespectful to can injure your self esteem and be a catalyst for depression.

So let's talk about this.   What does respect mean for you?   How do you know if someone is being disrespectful and how do you handle that?

Personally I am fine about handling overt someone cussing or things like that to my face.   It is the Victorian era type of sly underhandedness where the person is smiling as they stab you in the back...that I have the most problems with.   I cannot deal with fake people.

How about you?   What are your thoughts about respect?   Do you feel that people who are depressed have a more difficult time with this issue?