My Depression Connection Question of the Week

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Hello there

It has been a loooong day for me.   But I am finally here with a question to get us conversing and sharing.

As you probably are aware, Valentine's Day is coming soon...Monday I believe.   Just as Christmas can invoke good and bad feelings, I think the same goes for this holiday. Valentine's Day can trigger a whole lot of expectations as well as pressure to not only be in a romantic relationship but to have the perfect Hallmark Card time of it.

My question for you is:

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?   Is it a neutral holiday for you or does it bring you joy?   Do any of you tend to feel depressed on Valentine's Day?   Tell us all about it.   We want to hear from you.

Here is an additional question for all of you.   I was thinking of hosting an informal chat on Valentine's Day from 3-5 standard eastern time.   Let me know if there is a need and I will be here.

Looking forward to reading all of your posts, comments and questions.   You guys are great.   Keep on writing and sharing.   We are listening.