My Depression Connection Question of the Week!

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Hi everybody

Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?   I am slowly losing my brain cells here.   This week is going by in a blur for me.   I think I need to stock up on more post-it notes to keep me on track.

Okay then...time for a question for discussion.

**If you were to try to explain what depression feels like to someone who does not suffer from depression, what would you say?   What does depression feel like to you both physically and emotionally?  **

I am very curious to see how everyone answers because I feel that depression is something uniquely experienced by each individual.   There are some commonalities...there have to be in order for diagnosis to take place.   But there are also great differences among people as well.   I think too, it is sometimes hard to put into words what this experience is like but give it a good try.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.   Let us know how you are doing.