My Migraine Buddy: Nico

This article is next in a series called “My Migraine Buddy” where people living with migraine share their stories of those pets and people (or maybe a thing?) who help them through their migraine attacks.

This entry is from Nicole HB., who fondly shares memories of a dog named Nico.

My migraine buddy was my chow/border collie mix Nico. I went to the shelter one day after breaking up with my boyfriend of 14 years. I was lost and I was drawn to the shelter.

As I spent all this time searching through the cages, I kept feeling this one dog kissing my hand. I dismissed it a few times and finally I bent down and said "Hi buddy."

I asked the attendant if I could see him. She let him out and he ran to me. He kissed me immediately and I melted. My heart and soul was connected instantly. I said "I love him."

They all laughed and said "uh oh. That is a dangerous thought. You'll take him after this!"

For 15 years, he was my constant companion. Love lost, love won. I married, I had a child; yet he was always the one who understood me best. He knew when I didn't feel well. I struggled with anxiety at times and migraines a lot. He would always press his body against me and stay the course.

As time went on, he started getting confused. He was straining to breathe. He wasn't comfortable. Still, he wanted to comfort me. It was my turn to return the favor. He needed me. It was determined that he had a large mass in his lung. It was likely that it had spread to his brain and that is where the confusion was from. I made the choice that I never wanted to do. I gave him the last bit of love that I could: I allowed him peace. He went fast in the office of my vet. I was numb and do not remember much of that day. I miss him constantly. He was my migraine buddy. I will never forget his sweet face. RIP Nico. November 2016.

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