My Pain

Katherine Tincher

If we put our heads together, we can make this pain soar away.

If we take the time to ponder, we can make this headache pay.

The pressure keeps on building. The tears are sliding down my face.

I can not find relief right now, There are no more pressure points to touch.

I need some clarity to form inside my head, "It's getting worse!", I said.

Can anyone help me in my time of need? By setting me free from this migraine, please!

Lets put our heads together, and form some kind of secret plan,

I can't take this pain no more, I need relief like never before.

Just one pill, and a glass of water will do. It worked the last time, in minutes, but I'll try anything that's new.

(After headache)

Thank you for your help. Two heads are better than one. The pressure in my head is gone, and now I'm ready for some fun.

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