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This sharepost is part of a series about total body contouring plastic surgery that My Bariatric Life underwent following massive weight loss.** Read  My Bariatric Life's Total Body Lift - Part 1 Why Did I Do This?**

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what the pictures don't show is my relationship with my plastic surgeon. I had a few minor complications with my arms after this surgery and my plastic surgeon was all over me -- just like he was all over me after my tummy tuck. The tummy tuck was my first plastic surgery and I was scared. There was never anything wrong with me but my surgeon carried me through it until I was satisfied that I was OK. I worried that I had a seroma. But I had been experiencing normal swelling and nothing more, just as my surgeon had been trying to convince me of all along.

As for my total body lift plastic surgery, my plastic surgeon saw me every morning in the care center, even on weekends. He made certain that both he and I were completely sure that I could take care of myself on my own at the hotel before I left the care center. As for aftercare, he insisted on knowing the name of the hotel where I would be staying alone. He wanted a way to get in touch with me super-fast and said he or his office would call me if they had not heard from me for a few days.

My first night in the hotel my plastic surgeon asked that I call him at any hour of the night if I were to have a complication. He had me specifically promise to call him if I had shortness of breath, in which case he would have me admitted to a nearby hospital. Well, I did awake from a dream with labored breathing at 4 a.m. and so I phoned him. I told him that I did not know if it was anxiety-induced or something serious. He told me to have the front desk send the paramedics and they would be able to tell. Later that day after surgery, my plastic surgeon called me to make sure I was OK. I was fine. It was just anxiety.

At other times I had fevers, groin pain, depression, and my axilla opened. My plastic surgeon saw me immediately each time and treated me. He called in prescriptions and had them delivered to my hotel. At one point his physician's assistant possibly saved my life. I had been taking diuretics without doctor's orders and was depleting my body of water and potassium. I was rather ill and he picked up on it.

Once I developed the minor arm wound back home, my plastic surgeon sent me for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to make sure that I did not have an infection. He monitored my healing remotely, via photos and emails and phone calls. My plastic surgeon phoned me during his lunch time on a number of occasions, as well as answered my emails and calls across weekends. And my arm wound healed pretty much on schedule, just as he said it would.

How a surgeon manages a patient after surgery is a true testament to his/her character and dedication. Body contouring surgery is not a singular transaction, wherein once the surgery is completed the interaction can be considered to be done. Your surgeon will need to be responsive to your needs and concerns during the months of recovery that will follow.

I have stated many times, and it bears repeating: You are not buying a procedure. You are buying a plastic surgeon. Learn how to choose the right surgeon for body contouring after weight-loss.

I am filled with gratitude for my plastic surgeon and the amazing work he has done to transform my body. However, even though surgery went very well and despite that he took excellent care of me when I developed a complication, I still had emotional ups and downs for months after my surgery. Read my next installment in this series, "Back on the Emotional Rollercoaster after Plastic Surgery."

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