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Results of My Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation

It has been said that the proof lies in the pudding. Well, there is no pudding in this diet but the proof is there just the same.

I lost eight pounds shortly after beginning this diet and have not regained any of the weight. I have not been able to accomplish this before unless I engaged in a strenuous program of daily exercise. While this program does require exercise, the demands of the routine are more relaxed and the benefits are impressive. I have more energy because of the workouts and never feel bloated because of the nature of the diet.

What I Didn't Like About The Primal Blueprint  21 Day Total Body Transformation

My complaints about The Primal Blueprint program are minimal. Chiefly, I find that the diet is restrictive and find this a bit challenging.

While the challenges were normally useful, they were not always practical. My schedule and lifestyle does not allow the spontaneity some of the challenges incorporate; my restrictions seem to be more than those of the author.

Finally, while primal food shopping is certainly useful, it is also time consuming and requires visiting a number of food stores.

Overall though, the program does what it advertises. Give it a try and see if you agree.

As for me, I plan to stick with primal eating. Grains have no place in my bariatric life

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