My Top 5 Favorite Gluten-Free Products & Recipes

Patient Expert

There are a lot of great gluten-free options out there, but to find them, you have to sort through some not-so-great ones. Here are my five favorite gluten free products or recipes that will make living gluten-free a little easier:

1. Costco’s version of Udi’s Whole Grain Bread (Product)

This is by far the easiest gluten-free bread to acquire, and for some odd reason, Udi’s makes a version of their bread for Costco that is actually the size of normal bread instead of their irritatingly miniature slices that you’ll find in the frozen section of most grocery stores. Why do gluten-free bread companies think everyone with celiac disease eats tiny sandwiches?

I find Udi’s bread holds up best if I first microwave a frozen slice for about 20 seconds and then toast it until it’s golden brown. I use it for burgers, buttered toast (with an egg on top, of course), grilled-cheese, French toast, and simple deli-meat sandwiches. All of the above I would prepare the same way: microwave first, then toast.

2. BFreeFoods Soft White or Brown Bread Rolls (Product)

These bread rolls are delicious and they feel like the real deal. What makes a bread roll desirable is that soft, fluffy texture that melts in your mouth when it’s covered in butter. And these rolls meet that standard!

The only problem is: They’re really hard to come by! At least where I live, these rolls are not sold locally. If I want them, I have to buy them online, but they are worth it nonetheless.

3.’s Low-Carb Bread Rolls (Recipe)

These rolls are so easy to make and they have nearly zero carbs. As a type 1 diabetic, I don’t need to take any insulin for these rolls if the only topping is butter.

Definitely read through the directions before you start. I screwed them up the first time I made them by foolishly pouring the egg whites into the boiling water, which naturally cooked them immediately — oops! And take a look at the notes, which offer a suggestion of which psyllium husk powder to purchase from Amazon.

The best part about these rolls, in addition to how insanely soft and chewy they are, is that they are loaded with fiber from the psyllium (ie. corn-husk fiber). If you eat two of these soft rolls a day, your digestive system will thank you ... effortlessly.

4. The Flaxseed Muffin in a Mug (Recipe)

This recipe should be given to every person with celiac disease the moment they are diagnosed. It is so easy and so good. You simply mix seven very basic ingredients (except for the ground flax, which isn’t something everybody necessarily has on hand) in a coffee mug, microwave it for 60 seconds, pop it out onto a plate and add some butter or nut butter.You don’t even need to grease the mug! The muffin just falls out. Every time.

It’s pretty much impossible to screw this recipe up. I don’t even bother to mix the dry ingredients first, I just put everything in there and stir with a fork.

You can also mix this recipe up by creating your own variations by adding:

  • frozen blueberries

  • lemon and poppy-seeds

  • canned pumpkin

  • chocolate chips

I could go on and on! You’ve gotta try it for yourself. It’ll become a go-to recipe in your gluten-free house.

5. Kirbie’s Cravings 3-Ingredient Flourless Cheese Breadsticks (Recipe)

These are so easy, it’s almost embarrassing. All you have to do is dump three ingredients into your food processor, zap for a few seconds, and spread the results into a cookie sheet that is prepared with parchment paper.

What’s great about this recipe is that you can use it for a variety of things:

  • low-carb pizza crust

  • garlic bread

  • cheesy breadsticks to dip in marinara

  • flatbread with delicious added toppings

  • bacon breakfast bread

Even in its original form, as cheesy breadsticks dipped in marinara, it is good. You can also make it in advance, store it in the freezer, and have ready-to-go gluten-free pizza crusts! You can make them any size, which would allow kiddos to make their own personal pizzas.

It’s so easy. And it’s good.

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