Mylan Introduces Generic EpiPen

The pharmaceutical company that was under fire for a price hike to its EpiPen is introducing a generic version that will cost half the price.

Mylan said the generic two-pack version of the anti-allergy device will cost $300.

“Unfortunately, families will continue to face sticker shock for medications and may be forced to make difficult choices until the pharmaceutical pricing system is reformed to address the increasing shift of costs directly to consumers,” CEO Heather Bresch said in a release put out last week.

“Pharmaceutical pricing is too far removed from the patient at the pharmacy counter and not designed for today’s increasingly consumerized healthcare system.”

In August, Mylan announced it will create its first generic version of the EpiPen after the price for a two-pack rose to $600, which was a $100 spike in pricing.

While Mylan has no competitor for its EpiPen, the company decided to create the generic version after being slammed with criticism over the price hike.

Brescher repeatedly argued that pharmaceutical companies won’t be able to combat drug price increases because of insurance company demands and “complex drug pricing systems”.

Sourced from NPR.